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Make an eternal impact. Your generous donations play a crucial role in enabling us to equip the found and find the lost.

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Where Your Money Goes

Your donations are crucial to our mission, with 88% directly aiding it. Your contribution to A Jesus Mission doesn’t only support us financially, but also brings hope and companionship to people worldwide.

Every year, a significant part of our raised funds is dedicated to reaching out to the lost. We organize global outreach events, promptly deploy resources for identified missionary opportunities, and strategically invest in projects and ministries that promote the Gospel. Your donations are crucial in helping us continue our mission of finding the lost.

Funding missionaries is costly. We raise support for their logistics, overhead, and unexpected expenses. This includes regular missionary care gatherings, provision of essential tools, and support during crises. Your donations help care for these missionaries from start to return.

Maintaining missionaries is costly, involving expenses like credit card processing, international transfers, software, website upkeep, insurances, utilities, and more.
Missionaries contribute to these costs, but significant needs remain.
Your donation helps cover these essentials, enabling us to focus on our eternal mission.