A Jesus Mission

Tyler & Bella Vanderwall

Admin & Missionary Care team | Oakdale, California

Tyler and Bella were married in December of 2021 and now serve as full-time missionaries with A Jesus Mission.

Tyler joined A Jesus Mission in January of 2020 after helping the band Final Greetings lead worship for a youth camp in Eureka, California. He loved the week of worship so much that he asked if he could intern full time in hopes to start his own band one day. Tyler toured with Final Greetings from January to March of 2020 and again from June to August of 2021. Once the COVID 19 pandemic hit. Tyler served on the missions base in Modesto, California hoping to “wait out the storm”. From April to June of 2021 he served in Portland Oregon as a video editor for A Jesus Mission. Now Tyler is the Communications Director and is based in Modesto California.

Bella was born and raised in Northern California in a loving, Christian household. She went on her first missions trip to Haiti in 2015, served on her youth group worship team off and on for about six years, and led worship at her middle school for about two years. Through making her faith her own, she struggled to find her identity in Christ. She fell into bad habits to make her feel “loved” and accepted instead of turning to God. Looking back, HE showed her that He has been faithful through it all and has been calling her to serve Him and help the lost. She has a huge draw towards helping people with their mental health and overall well-being and safety. She is now serving with A Jesus Mission on the missionary care team as an intern.

Supporting Tyler and Bella monthly would greatly impact the ministry they are a part of. Would you consider supporting Tyler and Bella as they live on A Jesus Mission?