A Jesus Mission

Troy Lano

Missionary | Orlando, Florida

After spending my 20’s pursuing fame and success as a touring musician, I began to walk away from my faith, until one day Jesus found me on the road and forever changed my life. I was fully taken over by His love for the first time ever through a poster of Him hanging on a cross that read “Then, Now, Always.” I eventually dropped everything I knew, married my wife, moved across the country and was baptized the day I began what would become a full time ministry vending my clothing brand at music festivals all over the world for the last 10 years to remind others that God pursues them and has loved them always, He does so now, and He always will.

Then, Now, Always is a mission driven storehouse devoted to guiding people back to the heart of God who have lost their way on the journey of faith. Our heart is to see countless lives transformed by God’s love and to preserve the faith for future generations to continually bring humanity back into relationship with God as He intended it to be. Through quality apparel and conversations at festivals, we create moments to awaken what is holy inside people who are searching for purpose in a world full of man-made, temporary, and unfulfilling things. We provide people the vital space that draws them in to hear God’s voice as they encounter His presence.  

I travel to the most unreached, dechurched, and untapped mission fields at major music festivals where everyone is searching for truth, life, and meaning. As one of the only shops out in the field that represent Christ, it has become my honor to love, bless, and be present with those who come to our tent and remind them that they have eternal value and are called higher by a good Father who calls them His own. In 10 years, I’ve met thousands of young adults and Gen Zers and have shared this message of hope and light to those who feel lost, hopeless, and alone. Some buy a shirt, some ask “What is this all about?”, and some are forever changed as they encounter and receive Christ’s love for the first time. 

Through A Jesus Mission, I am partnering to train and send out more missionaries whose hearts ache for the next generation to the most anticipated music festivals where the lost can be found. I am also praying to have the time needed to raise support for all the traveling expenses, increasing vendor fees, and teams to be able to be sent out to over 40+ events a year. Our mission is to go into the heart of our secular culture and find the lost and connect them back to the heart of God. Through partnering with AJM, we can have the community and resources needed to journey in discipleship with those we reach and eventually bring them back into a local community of faith to be discipled and eventually lead and minister to others.