A Jesus Mission

Sarah Yardley

Creation Fest UK Director | Cornwall, England

Sarah Yardley is a Californian based in Cornwall who loves Jesus, family, friendships, coffee, travel, and guacamole. She grew up at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, served at Reality Carpinteria, and currently lives in the United Kingdom, serving full-time with Creation Fest UK. She loves discovering what it means to follow Jesus and inviting others to know and follow Him.

Creation Fest runs year-round, staffed by a small team based in Wadebridge. The team is a mix of paid, missional, and volunteer workers who not only create our summer festival gathering, but also run youth drop-ins, after-school clubs, Alpha courses, Bible study groups, worship nights, and so much more. They make Creation Fest what it is. Love in action… the desire to reach a generation far from faith and introduce people to their new best friend, Jesus. They encourage, cheer on, support, equip, and work in the hope that they will see those on the fringes welcomed home into a new life!

Knowing Jesus has changed my life. He’s shifted me from the awkward homeschool kid who was embarrassed to say her name out loud to one who lives in another country to share God’s love. The shift has taken me through some unexpected chapters; traveling to 90 countries, walking through places of great joy and great grief; developing genuine friendships scattered throughout the world. My constant clarity is this: I’d rather have my heart stretched in knowing Jesus than feel safe and suburban anywhere else. That’s a story I love to tell, to many or to one.