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Renovo Counseling Group

Renovo Counseling offers specialized therapy for pastors, missionaries, and others serving in vocational ministry.

find rest & renewal

Jesus says in Matthew 11:28 “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” This rest and renewal (Renovo – Latin) is the continuing work that God has called the counselors of Renovo Counseling Group to participate in. Whether it be sabbatical coaching, personal growth and maturity, relationship restoration, or mental health treatment; the counselors of Renovo Counseling Group are participating in the ongoing work of Jesus Christ when he offers “rest to the weary and heavy laden”.

Many in vocational ministry and missionaries find themselves suffering social, emotional, relational, and spiritual distress. They feel they have few resources to resolve their problem and remain effective in God’s Kingdom work to which they’ve been called. They can also feel a stigma in reaching out for help. Renovo Counseling Group began with these types of calls to Marty Villa and Aaron Crumrine from pastors and missionaries looking for therapists who understood ministry life.

Marty and Aaron along with the other counselors of Renovo Counseling Group are sought out because they come not only from a licensed clinical counseling background but have also served in ministry contexts other than clinical counseling. The counselors of Renovo Counseling Group bring a unique lived experience to the insight of counseling pastors, missionaries, and other vocational ministry leaders.

Please consider financially supporting the scholarship funds for the missionaries of A Jesus Mission who would seek out the care and counseling offered through Renovo Counseling Group. You can donate to that fund below.

Meet the Renovo Team

Renovo is committed to providing reduced-cost, professional services to the missionaries and Christian ministry workers.

Aaron Crumrine
Aaron Crumrine LMFT / Renovo Director
Martin Villa
Martin Villa LMFT / Renovo Director