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Barahona Missions Base

The Barahona Missions Base serves the community of Barahona, Dominican Republic.

Barahona is on the south side of the Dominican Republic. 

Full-time missionaries live and serve out of the Barahona Missions Base, where we play basketball with the neighborhood, teach English lessons, and provide clean water to our community. 

All of these things are simply a means to share the hope of the Gospel with our neighbors.

We work with local churches and invite others to join in the work through short-term internships, as full-time missionaries, or by bringing a team to serve.


In 2017, we partnered with Ears To Hear Ministries to begin serving full-time in the community of Barahona. For more than ten years Ears To Hear has been working in this coastal city of around 138,000 people, located halfway between the capital of Santo Domingo and the Haitian city of Port Au Prince.

Most of the people who live in this neighborhood survive on less than $300 USD per month, feeding their entire family with money they make working in rock mines, in sugar cane fields, or by selling products they make at home.

Here in Barahona, full-time missionaries Johan and Marisol Hernandez live with their children and serve their local community. They host discipleship meetings, cooking classes, basketball practices, and bi-weekly community events. All of these things are simply a means to share the hope of the Gospel with their neighbors. The Barahona Base also hosts teams to come and be a part of the community outreach, discipleship, and street evangelism that takes place so that all may know the love of Christ.

Meet the Barahona Base Team

AJM has served in the Dominican Republic since 2018.

Hernandez Family
Hernandez Family Barahona Base Leaders
Shawn Rineholt
Shawn Rineholt Barahona Base Oversight