A Jesus Mission

Lygia Alves

Missionary | United States

Since I was a young child, I have yearned for the love of our Lord and Father. I never knew my earthly dad, so this instilled in me a deeper passion to know the one true Father. Throughout every trial, I placed my trust in God and believed in His son, Jesus Christ, to provide guidance and to give me peace and strength. God has carried me through years of medical uncertainty and proved His faithfulness in finally providing a diagnosis. Even in the midst of physical weakness, God upheld my spirit, setting me in a desire to serve Him.

With a passion for service in my soul, I began looking for opportunities to obey God’s call to ministry. From serving in my home churches to engaging in evangelism across America, I sought to be faithful in every circumstance. in 2019, God presented the opportunity for me to travel to Thailand as part of a ministry of encouragement for the local believers and refugees. As part of my ministry, I was privileged to deliver a message to a small church of your Christian missionaries. The message centered around Romans 10:13-15, “…How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” This passage exhorts Christians to commit themselves to the blessings that only come through walking by faith, sharing the Gospel with all nations.

When I returned home, I prayed for God’s direction in my life and He opened the doors to go to Indonesia with Kairos Global. Kairos Global is a training and sending organization that exists to make, teach and equip disciples of Jesus. The program gives an opportunity for interns like myself to live out a missionary lifestyle. Their training school is a five-month program, and as a participant, I will be devoting about two and a half months to Bible training and two and a half months to outreach.

In preparation for this ministry internship, I am working to gather a team of prayer and financial partners to join me in this mission. I would love to have you on my prayer team and as a one time or monthly financial supporter. By partnering with me, you will be helping me cover my living expenses in Indonesia and my outreach costs.