A Jesus Mission

Lindsey Smith

Missionary Care Team | Vietnam

Lindsey grew up in a Christian home helping out on her family’s cattle ranch. It was during her senior year of high school that she took ownership of her faith, or rather surrendered ownership of her life to Jesus. This newfound faith led Lindsey to make a life-changing decision—to pursue a closer relationship with the Lord through Bible college. During her time there, the Lord cultivated in her heart a passion for cross-cultural missions and youth discipleship.

After completing her Bible college education, Lindsey dedicated the next four years to teaching at a Christian school stateside. Little did she know that this teaching experience would become a stepping stone to her calling to cross-cultural missions. It paved the way for an open door that beckoned her to Southeast Asia, where she now serves as an international teacher and missionary.

In pursuit of personal and spiritual growth, Lindsey has continued her education, studying Biblical counseling online. Her aim is to acquire the skills and wisdom needed to offer counseling that aligns with God’s Word. This commitment reflects her desire to further encourage and strengthen the body of Christ through compassionate and faith-centered guidance.

In addition to her on-field mission work, Lindsey continues to make an impact as a missionary care partner with AJM. Her role extends beyond the geographical boundaries, as she supports and networks with fellow missionaries. She is excited to do her part in the Great Commission by encouraging other missionaries and sharing the hope of the Gospel through education. She hopes that her life can be a testimony to others of the transformative power of faith and God’s grace in a life.