A Jesus Mission

Garrett & Alissa Larsen

Missionaries | Cluj-Napoca, România

Garrett and Alissa moved to Cluj-Napoca at the beginning of September in 2022 to head up AJM’s Romania outreach. They are working with Deo Gloria, a local church in Cluj, on their worship team and aid in the church’s international outreach efforts of a weekly home gathering and English service. Another ministry they invest in is run by a Romanian missionary family that helps Orthodox members learn about the differences between their religion and Christianity, and imparting on them our need for Christ. Both Garrett and Alissa are also a part of international groups that meet throughout the month with members from several countries.

Just outside of Cluj-Napoca is a village built next to the city’s landfill where the Roma people, or Gypsies, have built their villages. Every week they join the children’s outreach opportunity where they sing worship songs, teach them bible verses, play games and feed them. This is run by a local ministry, but has volunteers from several organizations. Garrett and Alissa hope to increase their volunteering in this village in the future.

Along with local, international, Orthodox and Roma people outreach, Garrett and Alissa welcomed their daughter Jemma in March of 2023 and have already seen God use her to build relationships and trust within the Cluj community. They love having a tiny missionary join them in all their ventures.