A Jesus Mission

Jenissa Gonzalez

Missionary | Modesto, California

God opened the door to AJM in 2022 and I have had so many incredible experiences because of it. I have felt the call to ministry in my life for many years but I never knew what that would look like practically. I believe we are all called to be missionaries in Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations, whether this means going to foreign countries or loving the people in our communities at home. We glorify the Lord the most when we love His people and I feel so blessed to have opportunities to do so in so many other places. I have had the privilege to serve on the Crisis Response team with AJM in Romania in 2022, where I helped run the 5-day-a-week kids program along with transit refugee care serving Ukrainians fleeing the war in Ukraine. In 2023, I spent several months in Kosovo learning about and loving the people there. This relational ministry model was a beautiful example of how Jesus loved those around Him even if they were different from Him. It inspired me to be much more intentional in how I treat the people God has placed in my life at home. I want everyone around me to feel the love of Christ even if they are not familiar with it.

I am currently back home serving with my local church and have been connected with a group of other young adults pursuing missions. We serve meals to those in need 3 Mondays per month. These nights also consist of worship, a short message, and community time– I have been able to build very deep relationships with some of our guests in my almost year of serving. We also partner with World Relief to build relationships with refugees who have recently been placed in our city. I have felt extremely supported and loved by my church and am grateful to be involved there. They are passionate about outreach and supporting our missionaries in other places.

The other ministry that I am super excited about is Kingdom Coffee! (You can read more about it in the link under my profile picture!) I am on the events team for KC and cannot wait to open our doors to the community. We aim to create a life-giving space where we can share the hope of the gospel while also stimulating a culture of generosity.

As the Lord has me at home, I am focusing on diving into my community while I pursue the Lord more fervently. I want to build a stronger foundation for my faith while surrounded by believers who will push me to grow and challenge myself. I am eager to see where the Lord takes me but I am also finding contentness and beauty in my life at home. Working at a local coffee shop has allowed me to meet many people(similar to how I did in Kosovo) and God has given me so many unexpected friendships. Although being home isn’t always easy or exciting, I know God has me here for a reason. Thank you for joining me on this journey 🙂