A Jesus Mission

Corey Miller

Missionary | Gresham, Oregon

When my dad died when I was nine, I was raised by my Autistic Mom with an intellectually disabled sister. I always felt like a stranger and never felt really welcome. Because my childhood experience had me see and experience the world differently, I never had a place to call home. In my loneliness, Christ used a youth pastor and my two aunts and their families to welcome this insecure, quiet, quirky, 13 years old. It was through these relationships that I started listening to Christ and his call to join his covenant family.

Because of this, I have always felt called to the ones who are overlooked and don’t exactly fit right in the everyday folds of society. The community I am drawn to most is my video game community. If it wasn’t for the online platform services like Twitch, I wouldn’t be able to share the gospel with them. I have learned for every minute on Twitch alone, 2.5 million people are watching and socializing. This means that I am able to speak and share the good news of the Gospel in this online space.

Thank you for joining me in partnership to engage this people group. If you have any questions, please reach out. I am overjoyed to explain more of what online video game streaming looks like and how sharing the gospel may impact this community.