A Jesus Mission

Adam Hanna

Missionary Care Team | Tennessee

Being raised in a Christian home and in the southern Bible Belt, I was surrounded with Jesus and Christianity. I probably gave my life to the Lord 5-10 times in my adolescence but my first true spiritual encounter with him came in college. God showed me where I was, what I had let myself become and called me deeper. All in that moment, to put it short, I was extremely drunk and in the moment Jesus made me instantly sober – my response to Him was an emphatic YES! My goal and mission since then is to serve Him, follow the leading of His Spirit, and serve others. 

I’ve been able to serve as a Young Adults Pastor, Youth Pastor, in small groups, discipleship content creation, teaching roles, and worship at various churches over the last 15 years. It’s an honor and privilege to serve in those roles but now, God has made it clear to me He has been lighting up my path to serve with A Jesus Mission. He has shown me His definition of ministry and led me here. My heart is for people to come to know Him, to grow in Him, and to learn and live out their burden He places on their lives.