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Lightning Storm to Baptism in Budapest | The New Divide

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Budapest Balaton Tour

What God did in Budapest, Hungary

I am writing this from 35,000 feet as The New Divide makes our way from Budapest, Hungary to London, England. We have just completed our second annual “Balaton tour”. We spent the last week working alongside a team of around forty people from Golgota Budapest (Calvary Chapel). Last year at this same time we joined them around this famous Hungarian lake to do a series of outreach concerts.

One of my personal favorite moments came in an unexpected form. Our first event of the tour was scheduled on an excellent stage. We had played last year for more than one thousand people and were eager to see how the response would be this summer! However, within the first four songs of our set, we were slammed with a massive lightning storm. Thus forcing us to abort the concert that the team had spent all day promoting. It was a rather disheartening, knowing all of the work that had gone into promotion, invitation, and setup.

There was a number of people from the audience who lingered to say hello after we cleared the equipment from the rain, so we found an empty dressing room underneath the stage and invited them down for a few acoustic songs. Within 10 minutes the room was packed with people. We did a small set of songs, shared the Gospel, and visited with those who had stayed.

Balaton Tour Lake Concert

Divine Appointments Were Set

Three men around the age of twenty ended up sticking around afterward to talk. The conversation got deep rather fast, and we stood to discuss their questions. The bulk of the questions were concerns about the very existence of God. We spoke of how I personally know for certain that He exists, and why Jesus matters. Later in the evening, back at the campsite where the team was staying, I learned that another person from our team ended up leading one of these men to Christ! He then baptized him right there in the lake in front of his friends!

The Gospel has transforming power to those who hear it and believe.
The urgency of this message cannot be stressed emphatically enough.
We MUST continue to go into the world to share this news.

You are a Part of This Budapest Story Through Your Support

The New Divide will spend this coming week working alongside Creation Fest U.K., doing outreaches both on and off the site of the festival. We will end the week of outreaches with a late night pub show in Wadebridge England before we head back to mainland Europe to continue the tour. Please pray for those who will hear the Gospel this week in the United Kingdom.

Your support in both prayer and giving is vital as we go.
Thank you for sending us.

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