We are SUPER excited about this news!

For years now, we have watched our friends in Cadence Please do incredible things for the Kingdom of God. They have been an example of how to serve selflessly while pointing people towards Jesus as the reason for all they do. I could talk about them all day, but I’ll give you the bullet points:

  • They have been traveling America as a band full time since 2013 playing concerts and leading worship.
  • They have served local churches and shared the Gospel in the European country of Spain.
  • They raised money for and helped BUILD a children’s center in Panama!
  • They have a heart for their local community AND a global desire to share who Jesus is and why it matters.
  • They have started ministries like Kingdom Koffee, which provides local churches and subscribers with their coffee while raising funds to serve Kingdom purposes.

I could go on an on. But instead, I will just tell you that when Pierce & Diana Westfall (who have been leading Cadence Please since its start) approached us about joining forces, it was clearly a move designed by God. After tons of prayer and logistical conversations we began quietly working together behind the scenes to move our two separate teams into one. The entire Cadence Please team and all of us involved in A Jesus Mission have unity in our purpose and vision.

We are super excited to announce that we are merging into one team for the sole purpose of pointing people to Jesus.

The conclusion we came to, was that as we strive together to grow in Spiritual maturity, it only serves to the benefit of everyone to pool our resources and to go into the world together! Already, we have seen God glorified around the world as we have begun to work on projects. We have more happening behind the scenes this last couple months than we can even begin to tell you about in this announcement! Watch the blog and our facebook for updates as we share them in the coming weeks.

But for now, the sole purpose of this blog post is that we just want you to meet these guys!

Together, we are going into the world to equip the found and find the lost!

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If you have given in support of Cadence Please Missions in the past, THANK YOU! Your continued support is vital as we go together into the world.

  • Your current support method will continue until you receive personal contact from a Cadence Please team member to setup a new support method directly with A Jesus Mission.
  • You ABSOLUTELY can begin supporting the team OR an individual on the team right away! To support Cadence Please, you can sign up here or in the form below! To support a specific member of their team, just click on them and sign up on their page!
  • If you have ANY questions concerning your current support or want to know more about what your support goes towards, email Pierce Westfall directly.

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