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We Would See Jesus – Book Review

By January 18, 2017 No Comments

I was given this book by a good friend whom I trust, and immediately moved this one to the top of my reading list. It only took a couple hours of my time, but I count it well worth the investment.

At it’s core, this book is about seeing who Jesus is and how that impacts our daily life as people pursing a relationship with God. He starts in chapter one with addressing our purpose in life in a well thought out manner – then proceeds throughout the book to address major questions about the person of Jesus that I’ve personally heard people pose time and again.

It almost seems to simple – but this book is just about recognizing who Jesus is and why it matters. There were about a hundred places I underlined and thought I might quote in a review, but I will leave you with just one:

“In coming to Him (Jesus) in repentance we come into revival, for He is Himself revival and the simple door to it.”

Jesus is what matters. Without him the whole storyline of our salvation falls apart. God revealed the capacity of his grace through his Son. And we must come to Jesus. The world must come to know Jesus. He is truth and life!

Read this book. It won’t take you too much time, but you will find it refocuses your attention back onto the person of Jesus.

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